There are great advantages to establishing an ongoing relationship with one doctor, the main advantage is YOUR ONGOING CARE AND WELL BEING

It is important to have your own GP who knows you and has access to your complete medical history to provide the best care. A regular GP can:

  • Develop an understanding of your health needs so they can decide the right choice of treatment.
  • Get to know you, helping you feel more comfortable to talk openly about personal issues.

Many patients visiting Gawler GP Inc After Hours Service do not have a regular doctor. This can cause difficulties ensuring patients have the ongoing care they need.

Having a regular doctor enables the Gawler GP Inc (with your consent) to:

  • Inform your regular doctor that you needed after hours care.
  • Refer you to your regular doctor for follow-up care.
  • Arrange with your regular doctor for follow-up and action on X-Ray and Pathology Reports.
  • Make telephone contact with your regular doctor to obtain important information about your medical history, should that be necessary.

The After Hours Service has been established to provide AFTER HOURS CARE and can never take the place of you having your own doctor.